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Silver-peroxide was first formulated by the late Mr Heinz Hungerbach in Germany during the 70”s. The reasoning behind his invention was to create an environment friendly alternative for chlorine and other traditional water treatment chemicals which are generally quite toxic and harmful.

Mr Hungerbach’s original formulation which is now known as HUWA-SAN (now manufactured by ROAM chemie) was rapidly copied by others whereby there are different types of silver-peroxides on the world market. The best known of these are of course Huwa-San (ROAM chemie nv in Belgium), Sanosil (Sanosil AG in Switzerland) and Herlisil (Tevan BV in The Netherlands). A number of their clients/dealers resell under their own brand names, though generally you can still recognise the origin from the way the dealer promotes the silver-peroxide.

Silver-peroxides are all produced using different methods and ingredients - except for the manufacturer no-one really knows exactly what ingredients any of the other silver-peroxides contain, with the exception of hydrogen peroxide, silver nitrate & phosphate.

Because of the differences in formulations between the different silver-peroxides, there are significant differences in the biocidal effectiveness, stability, ease of dosing, levels of silver, biofilm removal ability, etc. Each product differs in capability and effectiveness, making some better than others, and some even difficult to work with. We suggest you try it out for yourself (or just use a non-silver stabilised peroxide)


Although some manufacturer may claim that he is the sole patent holder, one thing is sure, there is no valid patent on silver-peroxide, no matter what anyone claims, so each manufacturer keeps his silver peroxide “recipe” secret. The patent was broken in Germany in a court case between Hungerbach GmbH vs Sanosil AG. Sanosil lost.... (this is a very long story... but once a patent has been broken in one country it is no longer worth the paper it has been written on anywhere else.


Silver peroxide took a long time to achieve recognition. The main reasons for this: bad management, price structure, marketing strategy, lack of independent laboratory tests and practical knowledge by the manufacturers on how to use the product properly this last point still being the case today.
For a long time there where only about 2 - 3 lab tests available and in fact some were copied from each other and practically no “how to use” information available. There was a lot of pioneer work to be done….
The other major problem with silver peroxide was that nobody was interested in yet another disinfectant - especially the chlorine lobby!  The fact that it is safer to use than chlorine is not an issue - industry doesn’t cares about the environment if it costs money... Industry only cares for a new product if it solves a problem and if it saves money.


Huwa-San is the original silver-peroxide. Sanosil was “copied” from this although it is formulated differently as they didn’t have complete access to the Hugerbach formula. Herlisil is a direct copy of Sanosil. Novuswater is another attempt to copy Huwa-San and was formulated by a former employee of ROAM chemie. Depending on the manufacturer, silver-peroxide contains between 12 to 35 different chemicals.

Other silver peroxides

Meanwhile there are numerous companies who produce some type of silver peroxide.


That the founder of Sanosil used to work for Mr Hungerbach when he created silver-peroxide.

That Huwa-San was originally called Sanosil when Mr Hungerbach created it...

That Hugerbach GmbH had to sue Sanosil AG in order to be allowed to market their own invention...

We do not sell silver-peroxide due to silver not being environmentally friendly and causing dead zones in the environment.
We can advise you an alternative:  Loxyde

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